Friday, May 31, 2013

Late Night Musings

Last night, I did manage a very late night walk and a painting session!   The Samoans are coming along nicely, although the US Marines I'm using from Old Glory are a bit of a pain.  They have great action poses, which create many an impossible crevasse to reach with a paint brush.    And to complete my painting, I may need more South American Flesh paint from Foundry.  Anyone have any clue who here in the states carries it individually so I don't need to place another overseas order.   I'll have plenty of the Light and Dark Fleshes, just two or three bottles of the SA Flesh.

My background noise for both activities was the final hour hour of the ninth episode of Masks on Cthulhu on Parade.  My utter hatred of the new players waned a bit, although the one character revealed stats that would make a D&D character blush,   Still, the game ended on a cliffhanger, and a world of hurt was coming at the group.  I just hope the Keeper requires the SAN rolls for everyone at the start of the next session that he forgot at the end of this one.

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