Monday, May 20, 2013

I Can't Wait for the Summertime Blues

Stop the world, I want to get off!

Time out!


It was a fun weekend, if by fun you mean a double house of horrors.  One house was the lower GI issue going through everyone else but me, the second was the unenviable task of straightening up the garage, which had not been tackled since Hurricane Sandy forced me to chuck every toy, flower pot, and piece of lawn furniture into it to avoid them becoming dangerous projectiles.  All my books and gaming items are reorganized, although I am still missing a mini case with most of my Swiss gnomes in them.  Catastrophe?

This weekend on eBay, I got *this* close to picking up a nice collection of the Reaper Heritage Mouseling/Verminite recasts from '94/'95, but the snipers didn't  wait for the last second for these and it got cost prohibitive with hours to go.  The seller had a slew of other items to sell, but out of all of my bids I only managed to pick up some miscellaneous VOR minis and the greatest villain who will ever fight the Gnomish Space Marines

A Gungan.

That word alone is enough to turn the most fearless warrior into a retching hulk. 

Still waiting on my order from Foundry in the UK.  I'm hoping it's still closer to the expeiences I've heard about Olley's Armies, and less the horror stories of Zombiesmith.

One of my buddies is getting married, and I'm sorry to say that I can't make it up to Boston for the festivities, because I have to go up to Boston the following weekend for my sister's wedding.   He is, however having a small bachelor party in a cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania that I can go to.  A weekend of bad food, good libations, and piles of gaming.  I have an idea for my donation to the cause, and it's so ridiculous it just might work. 

As a bachelor party "gift" we're asked to bring a game for the groom to add to his collection.  I have a few ideas, and many of them are dependant on...

SUPER SECRET NEWS #27: Can't say anything quite yet, but no, I did not win the Powerball.  I am getting VIP treatment, however, but I won't say anything specific until things are confirmed.

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