Saturday, March 10, 2018

(Kickstarter) Flying Circus - An RPG Powered by the Apocalypse

The interesting RPG concepts continue to roll in this month.  With tons of early 20th Century aircraft miniature game, why didn't someone realize an RPG was needed, and why wasn't it already a hack of the Apocalypse World engine?

Flying Circus: an RPG powered by the Apocalypse, fills that niche quite nicely.

From the Kickstarter itself:
Flying Circus features 8 character playbooks, a detailed air combat system, and the ability to freely customize your plane or even scratch-design new aircraft from a set of layouts, components, and materials. It uses ten-sided dice for resolution, twenty-sided dice for certain random elements, and a combination of tokens and printable aids to track game elements.

The game combines the elegance of Powered by the Apocalypse with unique and detailed systems for designing and flying a wide variety of aircraft. You can take to the air in conventional wood-and-canvas biplanes or build unusual vehicles resembling the wildest designs of early flight. The result is a system with enough meaningful crunch to sink your teeth into, while still boiling down to a set of simple moves that can be understood at the table.

The game is set in an industrial-fantasy world, where aircraft and air travel are central to life and the fantastic and magical lurks just below the surface. It casts the players as mercenaries trying to hold the world together after the collapse of civilization. Running a company of cutting-edge aircraft in the post-apocalypse is expensive and dangerous, and you're always one mission away from either fortune or ruin.

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