Saturday, March 24, 2018

(Nostalgia) Lehigh Valley Games Day 2?

A friend of mine made two discoveries this week as he went through boxes in the basement while waiting out the latest snowstorm:  (A) A Ghostbusters boxed set and (B) a booklet from Lehigh Valley Games Day, May 10, 1997.
Sometime in 96 or 97, I helped a local store run CoveCon, a one-day gaming convention, at the Blue Valley Farm Show outside Bangor, PA.  With all the chaos, with all the pie-in-the-sky desire to run games we wanted to run, rather than just D&D, with all the lack of dealers, somehow, the show broke even. 

Even more surprising was the appearance of Andy Dawson, a Steve Jackson-phile from the earliest days of their Men in Black program, and his associate Ron, who ran a game store in South Jersey.  It was Ron's 11th hour appearance as a dealer that helped make the con break even, and most of us were happy to hand over the territory to them to run another con. 

Here's the thing, I don't think they turned out a con with only events starting with the letters A-C, so I assume there's more events, but I don't remember anything about this con.  I remember being an active part of Lehigh Valley Games Day, but I don't remember running Archaen Vacation, which I can assume is part of my normal, PCs go to Talislanta shtick I've done for years.

But I've come upon two realizations: First, this has to be the second Game Day.  The inaugural Andy/Ron collaborations was the precursor to the Garden State Games Faire which occurred in November 1996.  Secondly, without seeing the other sessions, I may have skipped this con entirely.  By May of 1997, I was in my lost the girl, the apartment, the car, and a dog-if-I-had-owned-one Country song, so making it to the con was problematic.  But I also know I had pledged to the '97 Garden State Game Faire before cancelling, so this is indeed a cryptic time for me. 

Still, the last names might mean nothing for the casual reader, but they represent the pinnacle of quality gamemasters in the Lehigh Valley in the mid to late 90's.  

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