Monday, March 5, 2018

Project 350 is a Success (Thank God!)

In mid-January, I made a concerted effort to reduce the backlog of posts and game ideas hiding behind the scenes in my drafts and scheduled post folder.  The goal was to end February with 350 drafts and/or scheduled posts, down from the 368 I had on file. 

It's the 5th of March, but thanks to the latest Pulp Game, I have finally reached 350.

Like the tides, I anticipate this to regrow rather quickly.  I never stopped acquiring "holiday filler", and I have write-up for the Gulluvia campaign to add, so my Scheduled posts will continue to rise, but thankfully, there are only a few brilliant posts from others that I need to stow away in the drafts for a rainy day.

More snow days are coming this week.  I anticipate some more game ideas getting pulled off the list, but you never know.  

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