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(Savage Pulp) #3.1 A Revolt in Sohai

The town of Sohai was halfway between nowhere and somewhere, and that made it a dangerous place.  Archaeological expeditions launched their expeditions from there, caravans made vital stops, yet the town was a hive of scum, villainy, and some of the most despicable beings on the planet.

Usually, some of the better-natured explorers could keep the immoral corruption in check, but with some of the more famous heroes travelling to Europe to speak on their most recent discoveries (see Season Two), the town was in the hands of the usual suspects.

The recent election of a new mayor added to the stress in-town.  Voted on a populist wave to "Reclaim the Desert" of ne'er do wells and undesirables (nomads and wandering tribes) and find jobs for the poor citizens who were subject to becoming porters and assistants to the various expeditions.

By the time Roland Tower took office, his promises were completely forgotten.  Expeditions were double taxed, while businesses were reduced.   Lawlessness was cracked down on, so long as the lawless didn't line his pockets with funds for his reelection committee.

His most ardent supporters took on a cult-like demeanor, working enforcement (and worse!), all the while taking their cut and demanding others "Create a Really Awesome Place to Succeed."

The biggest story in town was funneling funds to finance the giant wall to keep citizens safe and deplorable barbarians out.  Of course building a wall in this desert was bound to uncover numerous historical sites, and all were ransacked with hours of their discovery.

The edge of Sohai, with its wall near completion
Many are not happy in town, mainly the local police department.  Getting cut out of the action by Tower's minions and now under greater scrutiny by the mayor's new toady as commissioner, the police barely needed any motivation to fight back, and they got it in the form of a mysterious benefactor.
Who just leaves beautiful Arabian horses unattended in Sohai?
There are also a very VERY lost group of Russian sailors carousing through town.  Their leader, Kaputin, was a harsh task master of primitive means, yet their also had a communication robot amongst their midst.  This Russian 'bot could translate and calculate, but most people just stared at its heavy armor and boltgun attached to its arm.

Mayor Tower and his Minions x10 (Played by Millie, age 7)
Tower's minions non-chalantly guard their secret clubhouse
Kaputin and the Russian Sailors x6 (Played by Maja, age 8)

The Sohai Police x8 and their Mysterious Benefactor (Played by Me)
In addition to the usual madness, there were four possible objectives to help determine a winner:

  1. The Arabian Horses of unknown ownership.
  2. The Possible Treasure Site by the Wall
  3. The Training ground next to the police station (Police must obtain any other objective before seizing this one.)
  4. Mayor Tower's Mule train (The Mayor and his Minions must obtain any other objective before seizing this one). 

Under the shadow of the near-completed walls, the police go to investigate those magnificent steeds, only to be met my some of Tower's finest.  A compromise could not be met, so the police could stand no more and opened fire on them.  The minions dove into a nearby building.  
The few police still guarding the station, spied a few rowdy Russian sailors, led by the invincible Kaputin.  With the poor quality of shots, the captain's reputation is maintained.  The other sailors duck into building.
All 1's, all the time from these fellas.
The police's mysterious benefactor secured the police grounds and attempted to dash across the street.  Kaputin's beady eyes would not deceive him, nor would the bright yellow pant suit.  It was Haley O'Killery, Tower's opponent in the prior election.
O'Killery thinks she's safe.  
With his men holed up, Kaputin followed the politician wielding a katana, and nearly caught her unawares with a swing of his Siberian barbed-wired wrapped baseball bat.    O'Killery barely avoided a direct hit, although Kaputin still managed to rip the pant suit and wound her.

O'Killery managed to roll across some crates and scurry away from the crazed Russian.  With police beginning to surround the area, he grabbed his closest crew and dashed into police station.
Mayor Tower, without any prompting, decided to leave the very secure confines of his tower to cross the street and stop in a hidden location.  My daughter in all the infinite maturity of here age, explained that the bathrooms were being renovated in his tower, forcing Tower to find a "different spot to poop." 
The Sohai Police "secure" the evidence.
If he had simply returned the way from which he had arrived at his clandestine bathroom, Tower would have had no problem returning, but the sound of gunfire awoke the primal instincts of man, and he bravely moved towards the action.  The giant machine gun he didn't really know how to use may have inspired him as well.

Turning the corner, he could barely turn to look and see his bitter rival, armed with a cheap foreign sword, standing in the middle of the street.
Ain't no time to debate...
The mayor swung around and wildly shot at O'Killery.  Only one round managed to get anywhere near her, but despite another wound, nevertheless, she persisted to bother him...

Tower's minions tried to surprise the police, but they only managed to become target practice.
The Minion's plan seems to fizzle.
O'Killery stumbled back, giving Tower one more chance to "lock her up" in a pine box, but after a few more errant shots, only the panicked clicking from the trigger could be heard.  The mayor had run out of ammo.

O'Killery straightened up, walked over to the Mayor, and ran him through with her katana.
You're worse than my husband!
On the far side of town, the back-up police began taking their jobs very seriously, going door to door and shooting anyone would might be a threat to their own brand of security.

Kaputin, his Russian bot, and his underling Pavel managed to elude police capture... or execution, and looked towards the wall for some sort of reward.
"Vee are een a tight spot, comrade robot..."

Meanwhile, back at the stallions, the minions' cries called forth the aid of their brethren still hiding in their clubhouse.  Their greater numbers overtook the police for a moment, but the police's experience won them the day.

Kaputin finds the treasure!
 After much bloodshed, the police chased off the remaining minions...
Haley O'Killery reached Tower's Tower, gathered his pack mules and led them to the front of the building. She then entered the tower, demanded loyalty to all of Tower's former underlings.  All agreed without hesitation.  She demanded dinner on the roof as her first act as the new mayor.

A bloody steak arrived a few minutes later, with nary a bottle of ketchup to be seen.  She heartily ate, observing the streets below.  Her view didn't afford her anything beyond the walls of the town.

Just outside the town walls, Kaputin and his men could spay a dust cloud in the horizon, numerous men, well dressed and well armed, were advancing towards the city.  The Russian could only smile...

"Ovaltine...You are quite late, but I have a feeling you will not obey your end of the bargain...  Vee are in trouble..."

After a long hiatus, the third season of the Pulp Game is off and running, and nothing like I had planned.  The mayor is dead, his political rival has installed herself in power, and only the Russians know what's really going on.

The Police/O'Killery faction got 1 secret objective (10 points - killing Tower), 2 minor objectives (10 points),  plus 9 points for each death they caused for a happy 29.

The Russians/Kaputin got 1 secret objective (10 points - infiltrating the police station), 1 minor objective (5 points) and killed no one.  15 points

The Mayor and his Minions completely collapsed with no objectives and 3 deaths for 3 points.  After someone gets the chance to really them to defend the town, it's going to be interested who will pick up the survivors as their own lackeys.

This scenario was inspired by, but certainly not copied from
Preacher by Day's Do You Want to Build a Wall?  And yes, after looking around for suitable bricks for the wall, I realized Maja's Jenga blocks would work just fine.

Next:  Episode #3.2:  The Oncoming Storm

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