Thursday, March 22, 2018

Snow Day Song of Blades and Heroes

Mother Nature has blessed us with four Nor'easters in the last month, but we've been fortunate that we've been four or five miles inside the "messy and annoying" snow versus the "Oh God, what did we do to deserve this?" amounts.

We got hit yesterday with the least snow of these springtime storms (but still within the forecast), yet school decided to cancel again.  We've paid for enough emergency daycare for the girls, so a horrible sacrifice would need to be made.  I stayed at home with them.

The whole concept of a day-off gaming-pa-looza is always nixed a few minutes after I wake up, with the never ending pile of dishes, laundry, and annoying pets, BUT I did sneak down to the painting bench to go through all my Cold Wars spoils, mount and prime a few, and get a little bulk painting for some of the units already in the queue.

Once my wife got home, I took Maja aside and we crossed another bucket list item. An actual game (x2!) of Song of Blades and Heroes.

I own a bunch of the books, I'm on multiple groups, but with Maja not being able to grok the multiple activations last year and the two-player nature of the rules to being congruent to our game days, I've put it on the back burner.

But a snow day was perfect to break out a green cloth, six goblins, a giant spider, and one of the dollar store houses to try the rules.

The first spider attack was a massacre as Maja's goblins either failed to activate, or she went for broke with multiple dice and the resulting multiple failures ended her turn. 

If there had been a story, the first game was the spider invading the unknowing village, the second was the organized response.  Maja's goblins were methodical in the second game, only rolling one activation for each figure, staying in a formation, leaving no goblin behind.  The spider took out two goblins, but with overwhelming numbers on their side, it was just a matter of time until they took out the monster with their pointy sticks.
A reenactment of Maja's triumph
With SoBH, off my bucket list, I can now proceed with... more SoBH.

And it is that time of year for me to purchase marshmallow peeps and giant hollow chocolate bunnies... for wargaming purposes.

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