Friday, March 9, 2018

A Mousling Hamlet for Under Ten Bucks!

Last month, the corporate masters at my job announced that we would be moving next year from the leased office building downtown to a yet-to-be-constructed complex at a nearby office park.  It's a bittersweet change.  My commute stays the same, although the pothole-filled stop and go driving to get out of town gets replaced by an all-highway drive.  Contracted maintance has also been an issue for those of us who liked the building between 55 and 75 degrees, as well as just routine repairs.

The biggest loss for me is the ability to wander to and fro around the downtown without jumping into a car (which remains in a covered parkade).  The loss of delis, drug store, and a Barnes & Noble within walking distance, but with a few recent finds, the new dollar store on the square is added to that list. 

It's been a long time (at least a couple of Christmases) since I found some wargaming steals at the dollar store.  This week, a quick jaunt to check out supplies for the upcoming Easter game scored these beauties...

Disregard the nutcrackers and promotional gnomes in the background
The doors for the little buildings are too small to be actively used in a Gnome Wars game, but they do seem to be proportionate for mouslings. 

I'm still picking up some more Russian/Ukrainian farm buildings, but for a buck apiece, these certainly flesh out the mouse village in my mind.  

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  1. Wow! That was a score! Those look fantastic! How come I never find stuff like that at the dollar store!?