Friday, March 2, 2018

(Kickstarter) Dragon Lords - Grenadier Miniatures

As more and more "old school" lines of minis are resurrected in modern lead-free goodness, there are still plenty of people who are asking, "Hey! Where did my favorite minis disappear to?"

If you're fans of Grenadier's Dragon Lords series, it appears that Mirliton SG not only own the rights, but have launched a Kickstarter to put them back into production.

The 10 piece sets convert to $37, while the 20 piece ones will cost you $74.  Shipping (from Italy) is extra and charged after the campaign.
(Edit 3/5: Just a point of clarification regarding the "Sandra Garrity Controversy"   It appears that as late as a few months ago, Mirliton was selling copies of old Grenadier minis that were not part of the rights they had acquired, specifically sculpts by Garrity whose ownership reverted back to her and Armorcast.  Since these claims were brought up, the minis in question were pulled from the website.   In comments on social media, Armorcast considers the previous issue finished, does not wish to promote this Kickstarter, and still watches Mirlitron like a hawk, just to make sure they stay on the up and up.   

That all out of the way, they also state that these sets from '79-82 contain no minis whose rights are in dispute.)

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