Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Gaming Plans for 2015

I've got a house, two girls with piles of activities, and increasing job duties at work.  What can I actually shoot for in 2015?

Car Wars:  Very little has gotten me excited about gaming like the prospect of designing a Car Wars game based on the Food Trucks around GenCon.  Can't wait for the reprint of the basic game!  I am looking at hall rentals to make this a Steve Jackson-esque con, akin to my birthday one.

Gnomish Catch Up:  The painting assault of 2014 needs to continue into 2015.  Without any major project to work on, I'll be skipping around in the current queue for a bit, but a good portion of the year should be the restoration of damaged Gnome Wars figures and some detail on my half finished Germans that have lingered like that for years.  I also plan on a Krig Rumet that supports mini wargaming, so I can my Oesster Surfian Campaign, a Rommel Great War Campaign, and finally finishing up Tanga.

Call of Cthulhu:  We had huge gap between sessions, but interest in our Masks campaign is at an all time high (it is the only game in town for many).  Do I dare tempt fate and say that I would like to play in, or run if need be, a game of Invictus?

Samoa: The Next Step: The great thing about painting up all the Samoans is that I can pop them of the shelf and have a skirmish any time I want to.  Village raids were commonplace, so a few huts and that's all I need.  Of course, I could work on the Siege of Apia, or I can delve into the what if category with a few more German troops and some very surprise Great War New Zealanders.

Home:  Despite some drawbacks with 5th Edition D&D, it has given me some ideas to adjust for my "Home" campaign.

Magic:  Possibly, some day, maybe, I'll play a game of this again.  Till then I'll peruse the books at the FLGS and pick up a few nostalgic cards before I feel nostalgic a decade from now and they turn from pricey to prohibitive.

My Girls: Both girls will be attending both Mepacons this year, so I guess my events will evolve from all-ages to kid centric.  Plastic tanks and giant princesses shall rule the day, and I once I find a nice pre-D&D rules-lite system I may do some two-hour time slots.

Conventions:  Beside Mepacons, I am only shooting for Cold Wars this year and I might be a paying attendee.  I don't feel inspired to run anything this time and I only have a month and a half to think of it.   It might be nice to simply be a player and have a little more freedom

Late Edition to the Master Plan:  The Gnomish Space Marines.  My latest ebay purchase of random sci fi figs did rekindle some attention for my gneric sci fi game.  I'll still need a few cheap auctions on eBay, or bite the bullet and order some scrunts from Bob Olley, but after everyone dies enough time during Masks, some light hearted fun may be in order.

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  1. Historicon or Fall In are already out of the question!

    You didn't allow room for Pirate Gaming...with Tanner Jones arriving next year, this is a bit short sighted in fact... I think ye has the eyes of a land lubber. You're not fit to be up in the crow's nest. It's swabbing the poop deck for you, me lad!