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(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Rule! #11: Felsentheim

14th of Quadec, 1133, Free Village of Felsentheim
The Burning Trogs became harbingers of doom to this small village, barely eeking out an existence in this humanoid land.  The few able bodied members armed themselves and reinforced the defenses before the orc/goblin come down upon them.  At dusk, about 50 orcs and goblins tried to raid the village, but between the Trogs and strong townsfolk, the attack was repulsed.  While the townsfolk struggled to further firm up their meager defenses, the Trogs collapsed in the center of town.  Despite magical healing, Nina's multiple traumatic wounds had allowed infection to set in and she was fading fast.

16th of Quadec, 1133, Free Village of Felsentheim
The second attack on the village.  This time, more than 100 orcs, plus a battering ram.  Again, the orcs are defeated and the the ramshackle gates held somehow.  Unsure of how things the surviving townsfolk leave with the Trogs before the main army finally arrives.

17th of Quadece, 1133, Milosic
Even though they were racing to the Marakeikan border and safety, Mutumbo attempted to hunt a herd of Giant Elk roaming the steppes for food.  All he succeeded in doing was spook the elk, which in turn charged right at him.  All seemed lost for the Nubian, until his Cursed Kite Shield -1 magically appeared in his hand and the additional "protection" allowed him to fall to the ground  and let the elk trample the shield, pressing him three feet into the ground, but only slightly bruised.

18th of Quadec, 1133, Frandor's Keep, Marakeikos
Nina's infection subsided.  They reached Frandor's Keep by nightfall, warn the military leaders of the impending orc army.  idespread panic.

19th of Quadec, 1133, Frandor's Keep, Marakeikos
Widespread panic grips the fort.  Refugees from Felsentheim wipe out the remaining supplies available for sale and head east towards Califon and safety.  The Trogs are given the mission by the Captain of the Keep to rely the dire news to the capital of Mirros. 

29th of Quadec, 1133, Mirros, Maraekeikos
Through horrible weather that crippled travel, the Trogs finally reach the capital of Mirros to deliver the message requesting reinforcements.  Was Milosic hit as well, hampering the orcs as well?  Will Frandor's Keep stand?

I rank the Trekelant trilogy as one of the low (and boring) points of the campaign.  Outside of the siege of Felsentheim, the modules were a whole lot of travelling for minimal game.  Portions of it might be better suited for a low-level Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play game than anything D&D. 

A few critical hits, poor choices in tactics, and the general goofball ideas the group gets when bored led to a number of the injuries that plagued the Trogs throughout the three adventures.   They gained some fame for saving the village and relaying the message, but the Trogs still don't have a true identity outside the Caverns of Quaseton.

Edit:  Upon going through the next few entries, I discovered a very significant event was omitted in the journals.   As they prepared to leave for Mirros,  a halfling family literally dumped their ten-year old daughter into the Trogs' laps, before they fled the impeding invasion.  This was the first mention of the Trogs' faithful torchbearer, Corena Ruddledater. 

Next:  Curse of the Caretaker?

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