Thursday, October 30, 2014

Status Report October 2014

It's been a crazy month for me.  Work has gone ballistic, which means 12-hour days are a reality, if not the norm.  By the time I get home, it's food, a little TV, a lot of dog walking, put the kids to bed, and finally spend hours trying to unwind, only to fall asleep late and start the cycle all over again the next day.

The only thing I have managed to do is continue to clean out the garage, with the wistful thought of making enough room to fit in two cars, our patio furniture, our grill, and a million outside toys.  I may as we'll build a second two car garage.

I have pulled out a number of fun gaming  things out of the boxes that spark some nostalgia.    First are the Risus-IOU characters that I started posted every Saturday.  Expect that with a little regularity through the winter.  

I also have a pile of stuff ready for my game at Mepacon in November.  I just need to find the time to whip everything up.  

The only reason my painting table isn't collecting dust is thanks to my girls' demand to paint anything and everything.   Last week as Cowboys and Indians, this week I hope are the pumpkins we bought weeks ago. Once the world slows down, I'm looking at refurbishing some gnomes, a few characters, and perhaps some of the sci-if figs I picked up awhile ago.  

I think I may have found a system for the Gnomish Space Marines.  It's still a secret,  but it's crunchy enough for the numbers guy in me, but open enough to allow more than just bloody combat for the (Gnomish) Blood God. 

I've got five more weeks of pure craziness at work, until it rolls off right into Christmas and even more wackiness.  My gaming goal right now is to bide my time.  I'm hoping our annual SATLOF holiday goes off with some gaming, and maybe I can get some visitors to drive up and play some Car Wars, since it just came out.  Of course there's Mepacon, but my auction funds are non-existent and if it's just a day with my daughter, then I'll be completely satisfied. 

Here's hoping a lean Fall '14 yields a prosperous Winter'15.

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