Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mepacon Fall Event Finalized!

After a poll, much consternation, and finally some time on the laptop to submit it, my game for Mepacon Fall has been submitted and accepted!

Title: Attack of the 50-Foot Princess

System:  TIARA
Players:  8+
Timeslot:  2pm-6pm Saturday, November 15, 2014
Description: Batten down the hatches, hide in your basements, secure every one of 
your Disney loving children, a 50 foot tall Princess has been spotted
rampaging through the town.  Can the National Guard, mystical creatures,
and the right and goodness of normal size princesses unite to combat
this threat?  Is there more than one giant princess? 
This game is open to everyone of all ages, children under 8 may need some parental help.
With this Mepacon declared a "Family Con" per my daughter Maja, it's proper to recreate the wonderousness of the game I ran with my my girls awhile back
I chose TIARA as the blanket system to run the game, although I'm adopting portions of  TIARA, OGRE, Burning Plastic, and Gnome Wars to run this.  This week I'll assemble the pieces together.  Next week I'll accumulate the supplies.  That should give me three weeks to assemble by "kid-safe, art-class-approved" town.
Considering the only other kid-friendly game is a My Little Ponies game, there just might be enough stuff to keep the kids occupied for awhile.

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