Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Reaper's Oz Miniatures Go Wildly West

One of my old posts that nets a lot of traffic is an attempt to find minis for the Wizard of Oz (movie version). The latest link comes from Lead Adventures, where I'm not the only one with these weird ideas, apparently.  
The conversation did uncover a few new releases coming out from Reaper, a Wild West version of Oz....

Dorothy.  It looks like two separate figures (good), but if I was going to file off a gun, I would go with the Oz set from Victory Miniatures

The Wicked Witch of the West.  Seriously, the original Wicked Witch I chose was a Reaper witch with questionable taste in pants and footwear, but someone painted all that black.   Thigh high boots?
Flying Monkey.   The Steampunk mechanical sculpt killed it for me even before I saw the $6.99 price tag.   Eureka and Infanticide flying monkeys for the win!

Scarecrow:  Who needs a brain when I'm wielding a weapon like THAT

Tin Woodman:  And who needs a heart when I'm a bloody Necron?

The Lion:  Before I read the details, I thought this was a heroic sculpt of the wizard.  Fail.

Outside of Dorothy, these figures are pretty useless in a non Wild West/Steampunk Oz game.  The death blow is the idea that all of these figures are SEVEN BUCKS apiece!

The one minis that piqued my interest was some form of cursed tree that could fit in the road to the Wicked Witch's castle, any Halloween display, or with the look of the owl, a few scenes from Clash of the Titans.  I would want actual specs on the mini before I plunk down $11 and change for it...

Good news, gnome believers, is that I'm trying my best to finish up posts for playing the first three Oz books in 25mm.   It's been a slow go, but I got a little more progress over the past weekend.  Compared to these prices, you can be downright miserly and still have minis on the table.

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