Friday, October 10, 2014

The Board

With my eldest in the final week of play rehearsal and my wife in the throes of her mandatory post flu shot funk, everyone's too exhausted to stay awake, so I've managed to sneak down to the painting bench at a decent hour and fiddle around with miscellaneous figures on "The Board"

While I have full blown units and armies sitting in painted in bins, I don't feel like I have the dedication to knock out something like the California Imperial Guard anytime soon.  

More importantly, I've got no massive projects that demand my time and effort. Role-playing is Cthulhu (no minis) and the convention game will use existing figures, with at most a little touch up.  Even my two Kickstarters refuse to deliver me figures to inspire me, although Tanner Jones appears ready to ship in a month or so, which may pique my interest in Teddy Bear Pirates again. 

Technically, everything I've painted since I've moved into the new house has been on the board, even though I finally brought the cork board down last month.

When the mood finally hits me, I'll crack out some Swiss gnomes to refurbish and reseal, but  until then, a few character minis and some more Martians to inspire the Gnomish Space Marines to move forward will do.

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