Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Geek Media for a Luddite

The busiest day of the year is but scant hours away, but I'm wide awake like a kid on Christmas Eve.  I'll try not to ramble too much.  

I seriously need to upgrade my phone.  My iPhone is nearing three years old, has zero memory for the latest two iOS upgrades and after my podcast app mysteriously disappeared I'm unable to download a version that doesn't require "modern" programs.   Sure, I can load them via the iPad, but listening to Skype of Cthulhu's latest foray into the Horror on the Orient Express while walking the dog requires nimble hardware.  I believe Dr Bob laid claim to that campaign during our last CoC session.  Between that, Delta Green, and Invictus, I can see me mothballing the Keeper's screen for a little while and enjoy being a player.  It doesn't happen often.  

If you have been hiding in the Pennsylvania woods, eluding the State Police,  you might be the only person in the world that didn't know The Walking Dead had its season premiere on Sunday night.  I swear my newsfeed was making up website names to meet the demands for info and rumors.  I hadn't heard of half of them Monday morning, and I'm friends with people who post all those click bait articles on Facebook.   

My previous complaints about the gratuitous violence and special effects on Gotham fall flat when dealing with a 9pm show on cable that doesn't hide behind the story of a "funny book" (TWD comic is NOT and never will be considered in the same nostalgic air as pre-80s Batman.   I am worried how many kids just above my eldest's age watch it.  

My quick thoughts 

Upton Sinclair would be proud of the Terminus slaughterhouse.

Georgia bottle rockets have great aim.

Kill 'me all!  

Slitting people's throats on TV is fine, but don't hurt the baby!  I can't blame them.  I caught some zombie series on SyFy a bit back with a zombie baby episode and it was God awful.

I missed episode three and four of Gotham, but from the first two, it's going to piss off the fanboyz, attract a few police procedural fans, and might be decent to binge watch a season at a time.

Agents of SHIELD looks to fill my pre-Avengers 2 need.  I haven't been a ardent supporter of it, but I haven't missed an episode either.   It's not Winter Soldier, but it isn't the Marvel Comics version of JAG.  So long as the story lines progress without too much interference from the movies, it will be a pleasant find on my DVR each week.

Doctor Who:  I too have underwhelmed by the latest season.  My mom doesn't have cable but actually sound some Pertwee episodes on Retro TV on her digital antenna.  I'm judging the episodes by her enthusiasm for the old ones, and they obviously fall short.  

For starters, even with the bad science and logic plaguing the new season, it instantly becomes better if you remove all of the dialogue.   I like Capaldi. I like Coleman.  But they mesh as well as water and napalm, or at least the writing does.

Fun fact:  my five year old daughter, Maja, figured out the plot of the Orient Express episode. Before the opening credits finished,    I think I miss static sets and cheeses villains.

Time to load some podcasts on my iPAd

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