Tuesday, December 6, 2016

(Sci-Fi) #3 Forging Ahead

Work, real life, and the kid's activities have simply slayed me since the last Pulp game, but I'm still trying to wrap up a few games. 

The Blue Martian game, using Legions of Steel, was the simplest of the games in the queue and the first two sessions were nice tactical lessons for Maja and Millie.  My only problem was that we had limited time, even after we set up.    I tried to run a quick game on Saturday, but between kid's basketball pictures, a basketball game for Maja, lunch with her teammates, a birthday party for Millie, a birthday party for Millie, and ending with a grown-up birthday party my wife and I attended, that was shot to Hell.

Then Maja and Millie got sick overnight into Sunday. 

With a day full of Netflix, crackers, Gatorade, and cleaning out buckets, I decided to try a solo game during one of the naptimes.

In our last game, the Blue Martians were still fighting their way down the snow covered forest towards their desert launch pad rendezvous.

(L to R: Gronk, Froyo, Gibbles, Middleswarth, Amphibious, and Boom-Boom)

The Blue Martians leader, Gronk led one group to the base of the mountain, while Froyo (over-armed with his human RAM laser) led the second half down a cover-filled path. 
It may have been a snapped twig, or one of Gibbles' boisterous drinking songs, but something was alerted to the Martians' presence.  Two skeletal robots appeared near Froyo's group, but despite a longer range than most, the Martian's masterful use of cover negated the Machine's weaponry.
Over on Gronk's side, a lone robot emerged from woods....

"What's dat on his shoulder?"
The solo robot fired a single rocket that shot over Gronk's head and hit a barely visibleMiddleswarth.

On the other flank, the Machines set up a suppressive fire position.   Froyo charged forward, dodged bolter fire, and horribly missed with his fine weapon...  and was subsequently mowed down.
The Machines try to pin down the Martians
The rocket-bot fired a second shot at Gronk, but it struck short, knocking over an evergreen right on top of him. 
Gronk Falls!
While the survivors panicked (Boom-Boom was easy cannon fodder),  Amphidious had a moment of unintentional glory.  Seizing the initiatve, Amphibious charged forth, gunning down one robot....

...then a second....
And finally blindsiding the Rocket-bot. 

Normally, such a heroic act would give Amphibious the leadership of the band, but with their destination so close (and no clue how to get there), he let Gronk keep his position.

Gronk, Amphibious, and Gibbles will be the final three Martians reaching the launch pad in scenario #4.  I guarantee you, solo, with friends, or with the girls, it won't be pretty.

The original inspiration for the scenario came from Preacher by Day....


  1. So sorry to read about your girls getting sick. Sick kids are no fun at all. Hope they're better soon (and back at the game table for the action at the launch pad)!

    I ended up backing that jet bike construction kit you brought to my attention (for that I thank you... my wife... not-so-much). I was originally going to get 5 - thought that would be a good number to set up a jet bike racing game using Faustus Furious... Then I showed it to the kids and of course they wanted their OWN to assemble and paint, so I ended up pledging enough for TEN!? (The kids are each getting two to build and paint for themselves, I'll build and paint the other six - might use one or two to make wreck markers..?).

  2. Tim, I swear I get nothing in return to my Kickstarter picks... because if I did I would so ask for five more for the sweet racing idea.

    Kids are finally alive and well. Mom and Dad on the other hand....