Tuesday, January 31, 2017

(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Redux #0.2 - Prelude - The Rest of the Trogs - Twelve Years Later

Upon the cessation of the war, our ambassadors were awarded with estates along the coast in Treibezond in Barthey.  Retirement was a word discussed within the group and the first year or two was a series of visits to each other's estates, a few parties, and relaxing.

Gwen was the first to leave.  The beach was nice, but the interior of Barthey was not to her druidic preferences.  She missed the forest.   Her new husband, Carlino Oakland, elf fighter/mage, agreed.   Two things happened on her journey back.

(1) She ran into the Mutumbo family, who had finally left the spartan confines of Trogs HQ in Celsior to purchase the local trading post in Verge.  Traffic through the village had increased, so business was booming.

(2) She met within the enclave of the Druids of Traldar, and the council named her Druid of Traldar! The chaos in the world had claimed a number of high level druids, so she was the most powerful druid in the land.  She and the Druids of Weissmach and Vlachia/Hermetus serve the Druid of  the Steppe Border, who help keep the Galmar Barbarians in check.
Regardless, she moved her official druid's grove from Eltan's Spring to a smaller grove south of Verge.  Her mute halfling bodyguard, Ramsa, can be found in the taverns of Verge from time to time.

Terval Sit was next to go, or perhaps he was travelling back and forth from Marakeikos.  Soon after Gwen set Verge as the druidic capital, Terval had set up as the resident magic expert at Mutumbo's trading post, greatly increasing the traffic and inventory of the trading post.  Mutumbo now is regionally renown for their selection of magic items for sale, and the ability to take in as many magic items as adventurers bring in.

Mutumbo and Nina were happy to uproot their limited life in Celsior and turn some of Mutumbo's adventuring booty into a career with the Verge Trading Post.  Overland trade routes have picked up along with part of the kingdom, heading into Danaan, Argivia, and Barthey. Their first son, Takem is now a teenager, and they added a second child, Givem, 7 years ago.  Yes, you can pet a camel with a giant gold chain in the petting zoo.

Coreena Ruddledater, the Trogs' young torchbearer, retired even earlier,   Less than a year after the war, she travelled back to Celsior to live with, and work as a nanny for, Mutumbo's family.  She travelled with them to Verge, and has worked the store, gone to school, and now spends many of her days relaxing in the surrounding woods

"Whitey" Smallfoot, was named Seneschal of Zorin's Barthey estate.   He spent most of the time inside, managed the estate well, and fed the staff some amazing meals.  A few times he has left the estate to rejoin Zorin hunting slavers, but a few accidents later, and he was back to Barthey.

"New Generation" of Trogs  - Although the original Trogs have essentially retired, their name alone has attracted a legion of wanna-be-adventurers.  Between Gwen, Mutumbo, and Terval, a few have been found worthy... of something, and granted a membership.  Largely these weaker Burning Trogs have hired themselves out for caravan guards, and militia support for goblin attacks, and on a rare occassion, rescue overwhelmed newbies trying to tame distant Cloudland Castle.  Of course, rescues have a substantial fee.  Most day to day operations are controlled by an old war friend of Zorin's, a normal gnome named Abicaw Whayott.

Janus Redrock - In 1140, Janus disappeared from her estate, with most of the estate's fortune, and has not been seen since.

General Fonzie Schlepprock is still in Treibezond, sipping cool drinks on the beach.  Sure, he jumped aboard a slaver-chasing ship with Zorin once or twice, but the "Military Genius of the Siege of Akorros" has avoided any sort of adventuring, although his stories at dinner expand his prowess night after night.

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