Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Snow Day, Fairy Towns, and the Kriget Rum

Yesterday was a head-scratching snow day for the kids.  The local school district calls for a two-hour delay when someone drops on ice cube on a road in July, so the threat of a messy mixture of freezing rain, sleet, and snow gave the kids an early dismissal and a two-hour delay the following morning.  At 7am, that delay turned into a closure.  By the time the kids would normally go to school, our fifth tier suburban backstreet was not only plowed... but DRY.

Since I'm the go-to parent for closures, I cleared off the edges of the driveway, put Supergirl on for the girls, and went downstairs for a morning of painting and podcasts. Pics forthcoming, but it was an exclamation point to a productive month.

A sloppy afternoon outside with the neighborhood kids trumped my idea of a quick game followed by arts and crafts.  By the time they got inside, dried off, and ingested some hot chocolate, I looked up the clock and it was time for gymnastics (for the girls, definitely not me).

After dropping them off, I felt an odd sensation.  I had time to myself.  My wife was picking them up, so I had an hour or two to stroll around stores.  I did what any red-blooded American male would do.

I went to Michaels.

Our long time contributor and correspondent Mike Lung had warned me of a new "Fairy Town" line of products that showed up right after Christmas, and this was the first time I got through the doors since then.

The fairy (and gnome houses) are by and large meant for outdoor display, but the scale is just about right for Gnome Wars and the idea of pre-painted houses for $12-20 seems like a good direction to go, if you're interested in more of the "garden" variety gnome games.

Also swung by PetSmart on the off chance they had aquarium plants on sale.  A much better selection of (full priced) terrain than Petco, but the mentally unstable man yelling at staff about a new heat lamp for his lizard, and a pair of women getting into a Jerry Springer-style argument over a bird, and I was ready to leave.

I did spy this large terrain piece in an aquarium.  Don't know what scale it  would be, but I see armed mini-subs and SCUBA troops.

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