Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Unofficial Mousling Stats for Hackmaster 4th Edition

With all the Mouslings I have collected and painted, it would seem reasonable to use them in a FRPG, whether it was an all-Mousling game similar to Mouse Guard, or a traditional fantasy game with the menagerie of races.  I've previously provided the basis for Mouslings that I've used in Savage Worlds, and in the interest of constantly remembering the good times in Hackmaster, it's time to provide the basis for a 4th Edition Hackmaster Mousling. 

Ability Prerequisites
STR 6/17  DEX:8/20, CON 6/17, INT 3/18, WIS 3/18, CHA 3/18, COM 3/18.
Base 5+d6.
Middle Age is 13, Old Age is 22 Venerable is 28
+20 Bonus to Table 4K: Number of Siblings

Racial Bonuses:
  • +1 bonus to be surprised
  • Able to move through undergrowth like open terrain.
  • Mouslings may climb at double their walking rate.

Initial Languages: 
Common, Mousling, Burrowing Animals

  • Acute Sense of Smell
Allowable Classes:
  • All
Allowable Multi-Classes:
  • None
Attribute Modifiers:
  • Mouslings gain/suffer the following bonuses/penalties:  Dexterity +2, Strength -1, Constitution -1
Building Point Bonus: 
  • 8
Additional Talents Which May Be Purchased:
  • Mouslings may buy any Talent a Halfling is able to.
The Downside:
  • Mouslings have a shorter lifespan - generally twenty to thirty years
  • Mouslings don't get the twenty hit point kicker other characters receive at first level, instead only receiving a ten hit point kicker.  They do receive full hit points per level.
  • Mouslings are considered small creatures and must use medium sized weapons with two hands.

Despite the picture above, these are not Mouse Guard stats   If you really wanted a game of appropriately sized mice, the Mouse Guard RPG is perfect for that.  Reaper Mouslings are typically half the size of a human mini, so we've taken that into account.
With the variety of figures available, Mouslings are essentially tiny humans with a few benefits.  I would cap all core (fighter/cleric/magic-user/thief) classes at 12 and the rest at 7.

And with the legalese:  Each individual product mentioned is the property of their respective owner and post in no way attempts to circumvent such ownership.  I just want stats for mice, people!

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