Friday, January 13, 2017

Blue Martian Archers, the Mousling King, and Beer!

The busy season at work is over, I've survived the holidays, and the dark skies and colder temperatures are forcing the womenfolk to fall asleep earlier.  That only means one thing:

I can get down to my painting bench.

May I present, after many promises that they would emerge out of the painting queue, some "Blue Martian" archers:
 Old Heartbreaker goblins, although to me everything that could be green again gets turned blue.  I may need them soon for the Pulp game, and when combined with the Reaper Bones (and more civilized Gretchin), I have a formidable opponent.

With 35 Mouslings, I'll need to do them piecemeal between other projects.  The next important character that should be finished was the Mousling King, and despite a very pale disposition, he is done.
Mousling King, part of the RPR 77286
I also whipped up some treasure tokens for a future Pulp game.  Yes, the shield should look exactly like that.  Items are parts from the miscellaneous box of bits and figs from the Fall-In! flea market back in November.
Beer of the Moment:  Troegs Mad Elf.  It's in season, it's $28 for a twelve-pack, and it's what Santa's Elves would taste like if elves were cannibalistic chefs.   Unlike many other beers I've had in the Kriget Rum, the Elf is a "sometimes" beer.   One right before bed has the tendency to keep me in bed for twelve hours of fabulously restful sleep.  Anything less and it's a mini-hangover.
Next Up: A motley assortment of pulp stuff from Reaper, RAFM, and Pulp Figures. The Halfling warband from the Song of Blades and Heroes Kickstarter got to the house and move up the queue, and I've got some Arabs still under paint scheme research.

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