Tuesday, January 3, 2017

18mm ACW Teddy Bears and the Battle of Teddysburg!!!

It appears that 2017 is trying to shrug off the doom and gloom that pervaded 2016. 

The new year kicks off with a beta-test pdf version of The Battle of Teddysburg, available on Wargames Vault. 

When the family goes to sleep and all the lights go out, many people believe that this is the time when bad things come out of the closet or out from under the bed.

Maybe this is true, but what we know is that the Teddys get out and recreate battles. They don’t kill each other, they dress up and re-enact war!

Teddys don’t fight wars. Teddys re-enact.

These rules are basic regimental rules. They are a short, simple set of rules designed to be used to play games with the 18mm Slave 2 Gaming figure range of American Civil Paw Teddy bear figures.

These rules are beta test rules that I hope we can get players to join in and help to create some fun rules.

My plan was to create a set of rules that were not hundreds of pages long, "Keep it simple" was the idea, with the idea for the furure having the game no longer than 25 pages long.

Please join in and help build a fun set of regimental rules.

Waitaminute, 18mm Civil War Teddy Bears????  Why yes, sculpted by Mike Broadbent and made through Slave2 Gaming!!!

A promotional blurb from TMP that made me a bit sad....
Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the 28mm Teddys that Mike used to make are no longer available, but these take their place quite nicely.

The Teddy Bears were always a bit small compared to the Brigade Games Gnomes, making them 3/4 size turns them into over-sized gnomelings. 

Two words of warning, one good, the other not great.  Slave 2 Gaming in an Australian company, so all prices are in Australian Dollars ($1AU = $0.72 US).  That being said, they offer no economy shipping option from Down Under, so checking a preliminary order, S&H was about $16US for one pack of figures or ten.  Each order does come with tracking, so you are paying for shipping halfway around the globe PLUS piece of mind.

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