Friday, March 10, 2017

(Painting) Sabretooth Tiger and Serpentman Priest

Another week where not much got accomplished at the painting bench.  The ongoing projects got a dab or two of paint or a wash, but only two figures for our Lost World game got flocked and sealed.
Reaper 02480
I committed a cardinal sin with the Sabretooth Tiger.  I simply painted over the rainbow of color Maja splashed onto the figure many moons ago when she was 2 or 3.  No stripping, no cleaning, nada.  Then again I probably bought it in the early 00's, when it was much MUCH less than the $7.49 retail they charge now.
The second is a Serpentman Priest mini from the Dunwich Detective line.  His Deep One compatriots for the future scenario should be ready soon.

EM4/Moonraker Miniatures
Next:  Everything I've promised for months.  German Gnomes, Blue Martians, and definitely three of Dagon's finest. 

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