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Dimensional Gates and Power Crystals

No, I'm not going into New Age Pyramid Power, although I hope this will be the last filler post while I get back into the swing of things. 

Fresh out of the idea larder known as my e-mails, here's a quick write-up on lost worlds and travel to to/between them by our enigmatic Mike Lung.

Dimensional Gates and Power Crystals (3/4/2013)

By Mike Lung

(I) Dimensional Gates
The Great Old Ones created numerous gates to easily move themselves and their minions from place to place and from time period to time period. Over the years, as the Great Old Ones were banished, imprisoned or destroyed, these gates fell into disrepair. Some of the gates were destroyed. Others just simple became hidden and lost. Some of the gates were damage and function only partially or sporadically, while a few of these gates remain fully functional. A common malfunction is to convey the traveler in only one direction, blocking the way back making gate travel very dangerous indeed.

The size of the gates varies dramatically ranging from the size of a small animal burrow to an opening that stretches miles wide which is more like a rip in the time/space continuum. The great rips are a major reason why species that have been extinct on earth for millions of years appear as they were on other planets or "lost worlds" on earth. Defying time and space, the worlds are blurred together as one might smear two colors of paint together on a canvas. Near the rip, the sky and other distant landmarks would appear hazy and undefined making it hard to judge distances or details.

Most gates however tend to be roughly the size of a large human door. The experience of traveling through a gate also varies greatly. Often the traveler will experience a feeling of dizziness, disorientation, and nausea with a sense of falling uncontrollably. Other times the passage through a gate is seamless and virtually unperceivable by human senses. So in one moment a traveler is on earth in the current day, the next he could be standing on Mars in the distant past.

Well know gates (Modern Location/Destination)

    • Apache Cave in Arizona Barsoom/Mars
    • Egypt/Egyptian Pyramids Barsoom/Mars
    • Mesoamerican Pyramids Barsoom/Mars
    • Australia Barsoom/Mars
    • Lost World Plateau in Brazil /Jurassic
    • Lost World Plateau in Mongolia / Jurassic
    • Lost World in Congo / Jurassic
    • Antarctic/Arctic Jurassic
    • Venus/ Jurassic
    • Siberia/ Ice Age
    • Cave in Romania /  Vampire World of Brian Lumley
    • Tibet /  Yuggoth, Pluto
    • Mountains of the Moon, Africa /  Moon
      • (II) Power Crystals
        The Great Old Ones used power crystals to power these dimensional gates. The crystals are brightly colored that have a property that makes them appear to shine from within giving off a bright light that never seems to fade or flicker. Known crystal colors are green, blue, red, and yellow although other more rare colors may exist. To be used as a power source, the crystals are carefully cut into small perfectly shaped jewels. Devices are powered by the use of multiple colored jewels placed in complex geometric patterns. When arranged in such a fashion, touching the crystals in certain specific order with activate devices. Touching them out of order can have serious, undesired consequences. Some of the intact gates have instructive drawings carved in stone near the devices.
        Power crystals are mainly found in a prehistoric world. They are rare and sometimes found above ground attached to rock outcroppings. But usually are found underground in caverns and caves. For unknown reasons, local lizardman tribes fanatically protect the stones. In at least one documented case, they were seen to have been worshipping the stones. Because of this, gathering stones can be a very perilous job. Lizardmen generally are between 6’ to 9’ tall and very strong. There are some reports of particularly large lizardmen being as tall as 15’ or more. But those observations are not confirmed and are likely not credible.
        Crystals are highly sought after by various governments and scientist. The incredible untapped power contained within each crystal is obviously immense, the potential uses for these crystals is and the value of each crystal or jewel is extraordinary. Just looking at into a crystal can cause an almost drug like addiction to the stone. If left alone, a person could spend hours or even days staring into the rocks depths. There are reports of the stones cause a type of lunacy to the viewer. Despite these dangers, there are many people who will stop at nothing to obtain these precious items no matter the risk to themselves or the harm done to others.
        H.P. Lovecraft. "In the Walls of Eryx"
        Land of the Lost TV series
        Warcraft game UnGoro Crater Valley crystals

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