Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Georic-5 Journal

As I mentioned in my report from last weekend's train show/game day, my friend Steve gave me a gift. Perhaps returned something might be a better term.

It seems that when Steve moved out of his parents' house right after graduation, he took all his stuff, save for one shelf in one closet of the home.  Over the holidays, his parents finally decided to do something with the closet and effectively gave him the nice "Get your stuff out now" request.
While he hasn't finished going through the boxes yet, he did pull out this smaller notebook.
While I remember that notebook from my Environmental Literature class from college, the label plastered across the front gave me much fonder memories.  This had been converted into the official journal of my 2nd Edition AD&D game at college.

It appears that Steve had taken over journal duties at some point, and upon the death of his character Echelon's half-brother, Talis Makolin, he stopped writing entirely, and the journal found its way to the infamous shelf.

The "College Game" was my first long-running campaign that actually worked well from start to finish.  It evolved, I adapted, and we even overcame such critical plot points as one of the chosen ones suffocated under the hot bubbling mud in White Plume Mountain (sorry... *SPOILERS*).

In response to this fabulous discovery, my main Tuesday posts will be dedicated to AD&D actual plays from 18 years ago.  I will need to dig out the some of the notes and journals from side quests and the end of the campaign, but I believe this will be yet another (earlier) piece of the puzzle that ties into The Journey of Mutumbo and The Burning Trogs Rule!

And for the public record, P-5 was the fifth campaign run on my own World of Georic:  Here's the current list.
(Campaign # - Name of Campaign - Actual Years Ran - Campaign Years Ran)
P-1 - The Original High School Campaign (1989-1992)  [1050-1055]
P-2 - The Post-High School "Modern Crosedes" Eding Campaign (1993)  [1059]
P-3 - The Army Game (1993-1995)  [1060-1062]
P-4 - The Dreamscape Campaign (teaching newbies how to play) (1995-1996)   [1068]
P-5 - The College Game (1999-2000)   [1069 - 1072]
P-6 - Journey of Mutumbo/Burning Trogs Rule Hackamaster Campaign (2001-2003)  [1132-1136]
P-7 - Night's Dark Terror Verge Campaign (2006-2007)   [1141]
P-8 - Burning Trogs Redux (TBD)

Edit:  Despite my better judgment, I will be using Ballad of the Pigeon God as the header to collect these stories. By episode three this should make a little more sense.

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