Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Free RPG Day Saturday June 17, 2017!

Has Free RPG Day really been around for eleven years?  Every sponsored event has been at a store more than an hour away, so I have no clue.

However, here are some of the potential freebies available at participating stores (These will have 5-15 copies in each box ordered by the FLGS.)
  • Starfinder Quickstart (Paizo)
  • Runequest Quickstart (Chaosium)
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics Quickstart/Adventure (Goodman Games)
  • Conan RPG Quickstart (Modiphius)
  • Numenera (Monte Cook)
  • No Thank You Evil! Quickstart (Monte Cook)
  • Commemorative d6 (Chessex)
  • D&D Gaming Mats (Gale Force 9)
  • 13th Age/Time Watch  Quickstart (Pelgrane)
  • TORG Eternity (Ulisses Spiele)

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