Monday, March 13, 2017

New Pulp Arrivals at the Kriget Rum...

With Snowmaggdon 6: The Search for More Salt waiting to descend upon the Northeast tonight, I prepare for a mid-week of shoveling and short respites with my order over the weekend.
 When our tax return hit I (a) paid off our cruise for May and (b) put in a much needed order to Pulp Figures.  On Friday, I received my long-awaited package from Canada.  I even got last year's Movember Figure, Pasha Moustasha Ali as thanks for my patience while the order was delayed.

Now, with most companies, I would have dropped a quick line to them as my wait neared three weeks.  However, I've had great dealings with Bob in the past... plus after ordering multiple types of packs and seeing this tweet:
I can make an assumption that I might be getting fresh castings...

All the minis are based and primed, and the figures I need for Ape God Tribe have been put in the queue.
With the pending snow day(s) approaching, I focused on getting the house cleaned and garage prepped for the blizzard, so tonight I can start up at least three night of games and Netflix (12+" of snow will wreck havoc on the satellite). 

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