Friday, March 31, 2017

(Kickstarter) Pizza Dice, Adventure Dice, and More!

Flying Buffalo has a launched a Kickstarter for their Pizza Dice, Adventure Dice, and More!

Pizza Dice have been around forever.  I remember discovering them in my early days of gaming retail, and for two bucks, they were an instant success as an "impluse buy" next to the checkout. Heck, if I look hard enough, I probably still own a set or two of the screen-printed dice.

The short story is, Flying Buffalo's "pizza dice guy" is not longer making them, but there are manufacturers to make a new run of dice, with engraved faces, hence the Kickstarter for molds, tooling, etc.

The ten dollar pledge will net ten dice total:

  • 2 Pizza Dice (1 for meat toppings, 1 for veggies)
  • 5 Adventure Dice to randomly create an RPG adventure
  • 2 Nuclear Dice (the dice you will find in copies of Nuclear Escalation and Nuclear Proliferation.
  • 1 Monster Reaction Die
  • 1 Fast Food Die  - Pizza is a option, so you could use all ten dice in a gaming session... involving Nuclear War.

The best part?  Free shipping to the US!

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