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Ballad of the Pigeon God #0 - Overview of Crosedes

The name Talaishia is used only by formal scholars of geography.  The continent labeled as such on the planet of Georic goes by two more common terms.  Prythax, used both as a noun and adjective, covers the land in control of Farmesk III for the Prythax Empire almost a thousand years ago.    Feraso (Ferasean) refers to the empire of the same name, founded by Leif Bloodblade I more than 500 years.  Most use the terms interchangeably, although there can be found some colloquial preferences.

Both empires covered roughly the same territory, as well as sharing the same fate: Barbarian incursions allowed by elvinkind.

It is lost on most that two different elven kingdoms were responsible.  In an act of self-preservation, the elves of Ilvablight ceded their southern lands, a traditional barrier between Prythax and the barbarians of Galmar, to the uncivilized horsemen.  Within months, the Prythax capital was burnt to the ground. 

The later empire suffered from the exposed border, but through a deft combination of diplomacy and force, they kept relations with the barbarians in check, until the incursions of 815-848.   The hordes marched across the empire, laying waste to most of it, save the furthest corner, which was protected by the elvish forest of Agenmoor.  Again, the elves betrayed the humans and allowed safe passage through the forest to the marauders.  The Galmar got as far as the Duchy of Draloite in 846 before the invasion began to lose momentum.  As the horsemen withdrew, the armies of Gran Duke Cesmir Raptillius Crosedes of Ferrand had finally organized and forcibly removed the by swordpoint.   By Cesmir's decree, all of the lands of Draloite were now claimed by him, and all being elf in the land was now illegal.  The lucky ones reached the Agenmoor with whatever they could carry.
The Kingdom of Crosedes was born.
Over the years, the ban on elves has evolved by far less vengeful kings.  Today, elves are barely tolerated in polite company, with outright hostility in private dealings.  Half-elves are considered unlucky aberrations deserving of disgust yet sympathy.

The Year is 1069
Kingdom of the Crosedes 
Ruler:  Nevin Silvershield IV.
Capital: Hydincall
Major Towns:  Omsjik, Rowand City

Religion:  The State Religion of Crosedes is Akana, the God of Law and Order.   The Archbishop of Hydincall is considered the father of all Akana faithful worldwide.  All faiths are welcome if their worship does not interfere with the status of Akana, or general law and order. 

Government:  Crosedes is a monarchy, with the current line of kings coming from the House of Silvershield.  Outside of the Duke of Rowand, all other titles of nobility stop at lord/lady, and most landed grants rarely extend past a large estate.

Language:  While there is a Crosedean dialect, Trade Prythax, the principal language of the continent, is considered the official language for all business and courtly affairs.

The campaign starts in Eding, a small simple farming village north of capital.  It is under the watchful eye of Lord Athelstane, a landed bachelor knight.  Eding is largely known as a stop on one's travel rather than the final destination, so the Blue Wizard Inn sees a motley assortment of characters from all over the realm. 

Calendar: The Fereasean Calendar has ten months, each with thirty days.  Each month can also be broken down into three twelve-day weeks.  At the end of the year, a five day festival occurs, known through the former empire as Yule.
The Eastern Half of Crosedes Proper (N-Wyrmnal E-Swampland S-Barthey)

The Western Half of Crosedes Proper (N-Emron, S-Aragain, W-Galmar)

Next Week:  Episode #1 - Caldwell Manor

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