Friday, May 26, 2017

(Savage Lost) #2.6 - A Procession!

Two days after their encounter in the swamp, our heroes had found some edible plants and Lord Cuppenbrush had set some traps that snared some small game, but they were no closer to figuring out where they were or how they could leave this strange jungle.

The Englishman and photographer Kacey Barbara went travelled out to check the snares and scout out further from the camp, leaving archeologist Maja Millie behind.

Kacey was keeping a stiff lip the entire journey, but even a stoic adventurer like Lord Cuppenbrush could sense something was wrong.
Getting lost with a storm approaching....
Finally, the photographer broke down, "I'm just worried that we'll never find Nils...  He never did deal with adversity alone very well when we were kids..."

"When we were kids?" the Englishman queried, "Did you two know each other since childhood."

"Of course," Kacey replied, "We're cousins..  My last name is Lingonberry, I just go by my middle name of Barbara."

The implications were mind-boggling to Lord Cuppenbrush.  It was starting to rain and they seem to have gotten turned around.  It was time to build a quick lean-to and weather the storm.

Back at camp, Maja Millie was not as prepared.  Despite camping away from the river, it apparently was not high enough, as the storm waters quickly forced the river over it's banks and the archeologist needed to scramble to stay dry.
The others are going to be angry about this...
Maja Millie was finally forced to climb one of the tallest palm trees, for shelter and to see how bad the flooding extended.

She reached the top, popped her head above the jungle canopy and was met by another set of eyes, surrounded by blue skin.  It looked like Blauen the Akala, the same strange blue monkey man who had encountered them twice before.  Blauen tried a friendly wave, but then realized he no longer was holding onto the tree.  He crashed through a few branches and splashed into the water.
Maja Millie Runs Into a Familiar Face...
Maja Millie jumped down and tried to the save the unconscious Akala, dragging him to the edge of the flood waters.  She encountered three more confused Akala, bows half-pointed at her.  After reviving Blauen, they understood the pale white creature with funny clothes was being helpful, and used gestures to ask her to hide in the bushes with them.

A few moments later, a loud crashing could be heard, followed by three more Akala getting chased by some large, armored, angry dinosaur.   They scaled a tree to safety, and after determining the beast to much a threat to their drenched hunting party, stayed perfectly quiet, until the beast lost interest and wandered away.
Hunting Party Gone Awry!
The Akala conferred with each and unable to properly communicate with their new friend/prisoner, gestured Maja Millie to follow them.

Back on patrol, a half-drenched Kacey Barbara Lingonberry and soaked Lord Jon-Smythe Cuppenbrush emerged from their poorly constructed lean-too.  A new noise could be heard above the last drops of rain dripping through the jungle.

"Look Kacey," the Englishman cried, "a procession!"

He spied the Akala in a single file line, Maja Millie placed square in the middle of the creatures....

Soon, all three of our heroes were part of the marching order... to Parts Unknown.

This session was not our traditional Pulp miniatures game.   There's only so many sabretooth tiger, dinosaur, giant butterfly encounters that can be played before it gets boring, so for this (and the next) session, we're mixing multiple sets of Rory's Story Cubes with Savage Worlds to progress the story.   With traditional role-playing, I anticipate finishing up #2.7 soon.  Episode #.2.8 will hopefully go back to the "big" Pulp game.

Next:  Episode #2.7  - Meeting the Akala

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