Sunday, February 18, 2018

(Painting) Middle Eastern Building, Microarmor, and... a Box

Through all the chaos of dealing with two insurance claims, car shopping, a promotion at work, a half inch of water in the basement, and the regular mayhem of my life, I have not only gotten to the bench to apply paint to models, things are actually getting finished!

First off, I finally got two of my Middle Eastern MDF buildings from Gamecraft Miniatures painted up to "good enough to play at home."    Painting large smooth areas with bottled paint isn't my strong suit, but multiple coatings did create a very faint texture.  It's not the sand blasted white of the building top-center in the picture below, but it's much lighter than the MBA buildings. For a few new buildings for the expanded town for Season 3 of our Pulp game, they're perfect.

28MMDF015 and 28MMDF010
I also finished the other three 6mm LAV-R from "the Mech Box" from the Fall-In flea market.   As my Transnitrian Scientific Republic seemed to have enough of these vehicles, these three are painted in the scheme of the Skye Rangers.
Finally, I got ONE treasure chest finished from Johnny Lauck's final Kickstarter, Dungeon Scenery & Anthropomorphic Miniastures 28mm. Whether they're simple scenery or game objective, chests, and the coin pile inserts will work well.
Larry of Arabica defending his bin of pennies....
Next Up:  More Middle Eastern buildings, OGRE minis, German gnomes, and the aforementioned treasure chests litter my work bench.  

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