Friday, February 16, 2018

(Painting) Transnitrian Recovery Vehichles

So many projects, zero focus, but I have gotten something off the bench!

From my great big box o' mechs I picked up at the last Fall-In! flea market, I found some microarmor, and after many distractions, the first three are finished.
Manufacturer Unknown
These LAV-R recovery vehicles are the first part of my "Transnitrian Scientific Republic" army I'm building, with battlemechs and OGRE minis to come.

Transnitria is the unrecognized autonomous breakaway state from Moldova.  It's got the classic 80's communist vibe, without the worldwide fear of nuclear annihilation and if any country fits the futile effort to save their city/command post from OGRE aggression, it will be them.  And if we're playing in the future, using some surplus USMC recovery vehicles to salvage what they can from the battlefield sounds good to me..
Hunchback for scale.

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