Saturday, February 17, 2018

Project 350: Week Five

Still driving around with a rental car, and sloooowly shopping for cars while the Insurance Adjuster crosses the T's and dots the I's on my check.  I also no longer have the random moments in the middle of the night where I feel like I'm in total organ failure.  It's an exageration, of course, but I forget what the traditional aches and pains feel like for a middle aged man.

I'm also counting the weekends for basketball to end.  Don't get me wrong, our little community league is far better than the road warrior travels gymnastics makes us do, but with the double elimination tournament in full swin, leading to the big championship game at the high school for my eldest, I'm dreaming of 9:30 am next Saturday, when, regardless of win or lose, we'll be piling into a car and heading for the Allentown Train Show and a trip to my Mom's (and a chance to game with the guys).

The sump pump is pulling yeoman's work this week, but the French drains can do little for the soggy ground, and we're getting seepage through cracks in the floor.  With a 1/2 inch of water that goes down, only to have another downpour fill it back it, I'm monitoring the status by sitting at my bench and painting.  Of course it's nothing off my projects drafts save to the blog, so I'm sad to report minimal progress on Project 350.  With a week and a half to go, I'm stagnating at 357 drafts and scheduled posts, down only one from last week.

I've already whittled down the fory or so backlogged ideas for February down to 24, and to be honest, no more than six have a chance of occuring. 

My goal for this weekend?  Launch my Third season of the Pulp game with the girls.  Since I call them "seasons" I realized that for this storyline, I could "film" some of them out of order, and with the completion of certain pieces, those games could happen right now.  Here's hoping Maja's team wins their first game this morning, so we can grab breakfast and go home, a loss means a second game and a morning/early afternoon lost to any other activities.

Of course, the biggest news is that Monday I start a new position within my company, with a sizable raise and tweaked hours.  The late night marathon sessions will need to stop at midnight now.  The best news from this is that I've been doing 80-90% of the workload already, on top of my normal duties, so the job will eventually be easier, as I shed off some minor duties to interns and support staff.

Targets for this week:
  1. The Pulp Game, using Savage Showdown
  2. Mousling Fantasy... or Song of Mice and Whiskers 
  3. My Little Pony
  4. Contemptable Little Armies
  5. Writing some of the latter episodes of Ballad of the Pigeon God, it won't affect my 350, since they're scheduled for June, but it would be nice to drop that Draft number closer to 280.

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