Monday, February 19, 2018

The Weekend Finds a New Home

"The Weekend," the small convention held in Lancaster, PA that last few Julys, has found a new home.

As reported earlier, The Weekend's former site, the Continental Inn, was purchased by neighboring Dutch Wonderland, and immediately closed, all reservations cancellations, including this scheduled event for April.

Lucky for those of us interested in going, a new site has been found, although the details are still being worked out:

From Cleo Leibl on TMP:

The date of the weekend is April 19,20, 21, and 22. Thursday to noon Sunday.
The place is
Roadway (sic) Inn and Suites
411 College St.
Myerstown Pa.
You can get the phone from the web site.

DO NOT CALL THE HOTEL AND MAKE RESERVATIONS YET. We do not have the account set up yet. That will take place this week. We have to sit down with their restaurant staff to hammer out the details of the "free breakfast." (You didn't REALLY think it was free at the Continental did you?"

Probably looking at a day trip this time and donating to the cause, but Myerstown is closer to Lebanon than Lancaster. I have no problems with a shorter drive for a game!

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