Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Manganiello & Colbert Discuss 'Dungeons & Dragons' Only

It's amusing that with Day 8 of RPGaDay completed for today, "How Do We Get More People Playing," Stephen Colbert drops a nine-minute interview with actor Joe Manganiello almost exclusively about D&D.
Manganiello was obviously still on his geek high from attending GenCon to his Death Saves line of gaming clothing and accessories, but outside the greatest Tiamat/Bahamut throwdown in late night history, I felt like I was in on an exclusive joke that 99% of the viewers were not getting. 

Until the Late Show teams up with Critical Role to set up a CelebriD&D game with Manganiello, Colbert, Terry Crews, Anderson Cooper, and Patton Oswalt, the world might not understand how perilous the plight of the gamer.

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