Sunday, August 12, 2018

#RPGaDay 2018 Day 12: Wildest Character Concept

There's always a few #RPGaDay topics I've already covered.

Day 12: Wildest Character Concept:

Introduced as Echelon, simple cleric who wielded a trident and loved to raise animals....

Then my college roommate Steve showed me his character backstory.
Echelon, in kinder, lazier days....
Spoilers: I brought back Mohammad, revealed his long-lost father was also the father of the party bard, Talis Makolin (Seriously, two characters backstories of mothers who were prostitutes in the same town, and they didn't see that obvious plot hit smack dab in the back of their heads), gave him a Chateau, a Barony, killed him off, brought him back from the dead  because his replacement character was worse, raised a rebellion, and at the end of the campaign, he becomes a god.

Not bad for a pigeon loving freak.

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