Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hackmaster: The Journey of Mutumbo #8: Orlane

Part 8: Orlane
The group wandered into Orlane, which according to Dalmar was, “the dullest (village) we’ve been in yet.” Thundar decided to wander off into the woods to avoid paying for a room, but the next morning the half-ogre didn’t show up for breakfast. Mutumbo and Cecelia went to the constable, who seemed bored with the missing persons report. Dalmar worked the small bars in town for information, but the he too failed to show up the following morning.

Following some info that Dalmar had been able to give the group before his disappearance, Cecelia and Mutumbo investigate the local temple of Akana, God of Law and Order, Goodness and Light. The only thing they met were ninjas, pain, and fire. Going into the inner rooms of the temple they encountered strangely dressed monks who jumped around and attacked the pair with strange weapons. Literally a full out sprint of a running battle ensues and parts of the temple are set ablaze. Cecelia and Mutumbo escaped out a back door with little info, grab Lord Ralphus at the inn and dash off towards Hydincall.

GM Info: Body Count since beginning of the campaign. 1 PvP kill, 2 MIA. The party failed again to follow up on a module I offered (N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God), but I couldn’t blame them. Both Thundar and Dalmar were charmed to join the legions of the Spirit Naga who had this town enslaved.

The Naga had actually assembled a functioning adventuring party and sent them out to acquire more treasure and magic. Dalmar was the first of the group to break the charm, and after realizing the situation, continued to fake it. As others successfully broke the charm, if he could get to them first, he would tell them of the plan to kill the Naga (Those who the Naga, or its staff noticed first would be sacrificed.) When enough firepower was accumulated, they slew the Naga in a tremendous fight. With all the charms broken, Dalmar explained the situation and offered his services as leader of a new adventuring group.

This group was the one who discovered the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh and finished the module trilogy with heavy casualties. To make a long story somewhat shorter: The group took over the mansion, and with the weak feudal system of Crosedes managed to form an independent Duchy of Sworin that included Saltmarsh and Orlane. This rogue Duchy survived for 5 years, well past the death of Dalmar in a random pirate attack. The King of Crosedes has installed a true priest of Akana to act as a Military Governor, but it seems like the name of Sworin is sticking to the region. All this was done with the PCs as NPCs under my control.

Hey, a GM has got to have a little fun as well, right?

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