Thursday, January 19, 2017

(Gnome Wars) The Great 19th Century Gnome Expansion of North America

After the Gnomish Uncivil War, the Confederation of  Sovereign States and the Mercantile Union set their sites toward expansion.  Unfortunately for them, their years of internal bickering and overseas trade allowed other nations to establish a foothold in the Americas. 

The Confederation was actively trying to expand westward even before the Ambear-ican Revoluation concluded.  Communities had spread as far as the Mighty Mississipp, only to be met by the power of Versailles. 

Versailles was the name of the narrow colony that formed on the banks of the Mighty Mississpp    They dominated trade up and down the river, from Nawlins to Sans Louie.  The French had established a formal colony around Nawlins and it gained it's independence shortly after the Gnomepoleonic Wars, but it's upriver possessions turned into rogue city-states with riverboat navies. demanding the will of the masses.

In 1835 the Republic of Texas won its independence from the Aztexican Empire and began a land grab of its own and expanded east, reaching the furthest outposts of Versailles.   By 1860, Texan, Confederate, and Versailles interests conflicted so much that hostilities ensued The Texan/Confederate war raged for eight years, and despite Texan military superiority, new conflicts with Aztexico forced them into a neutral peace treaty that guaranteed Texan forces could focus on their new threat.  The Versailles Territory  (Commonly derided as "The Misery Compromise") was established,ranging from 100 to 300 miles from the western bank of the Mighty Mississipp.  This territory was governed by a board of five, each a representative of the then five bordering nations:  Union, Confederate, Orleans, Texas, and the Oklahoma natives. 

Texas northern expansion was stifled by the Oklahoma tribes.  Nicknamed "Sooners" for their pre-emptive strikes that seemed to vanish as quickly as they appeared, they forced the Texans to recognize them as a sovereign country.

The Mercantile Union:  Managed to expand across along the northern side of the O-Hello River, until it met the Mighty Mississipp.  Explorers, adventurers and the military crossed the river and into the heart of very hostile natives.    For thirty years, Union cavalry clashed with the natives in a number of fierce.  With the death of Llakota leader Lazy Llama, the other chiefs agreed to the Treaty of Near and Fargo, established the current western boundary for the Union.

The Aztexican Empire controlled most of western America for centuries, but by the time of the Uncivil War, it was falling apart at the seams.  Texas had already declared its independence, California soon after that, as well as the Mormon Theocracy of Dessert.  For those seeking a better life, it was impossible to travel across Texican and the native land to cross the continent. Most of those wishing to make their fortune on the west coast needed to take a ship around the Americas and land in California.

The Wildlands:  Even if a soul were brave enough to get through the Native territories, most would end up in the Wildlands, an unclaimed area of hundreds of thousands of square miles of lawlessness. 

Canada:   While the settlement of America was contentious, the settlement of Canada was far less dangerous.  British settlements dominated the coastlines allowing the French to set up their large settlement of Quebec.  As the mercantile empire for Britain began to wane the Scottish Highlander came over in droves and ultimately took control of the Maritime provinces in the giant Federal Island of  Nova Scotia, an independent country. Various dog races and other creatures would settle in Labrador.  General gnome populations ventured into Ontario, but did not expand beyond that,  giving those areas to the native tribes in the plains full autonomy.

Travel across the Canadian Native Plains was dangerous, but there was a secret few knew.  The natives suffered terrible back pain since they constantly wore bulkly traditional costumes in their day to day activity.  While beads, firewater, and gizmos didn't impress them, a quality backrub for the Chief could net the masseuse anything they wanted.  Once this Northwest Massage became public knowledge, scores travelled the plains unmolested to British Columbia. 

The Furmont or Verminmount Republic:  While associated with the Northern Colonies/States, this territory never fell under the sway of any Gnome influence.  Heavily populated by mice, turtles, and free-thinking Teddy Bears in a democratically elected republic.  They expanded into the backwoods of Maine and form a buffer between Les Quebecois and their laissez-faire neighbors to the south. 

Dyznnea: South of the Condederacy is a swamp laden land, useful only for Gnome smugglers and pirates. Although the native mouse population was viciously hostile to gnomes initially, they've evolved with the times.  While still a hotspot for Piracy in the Caribbean, the mouse leaders understood what a shrinking world they were living in and opened the doors to all who were willing to pay for their fine hospitality. Gnome Princesses from all over the world can be found spending the winter on their sandy beaches, mice servants at the ready.  Gnome miners are permitted to operate in the Northlands

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