Friday, February 17, 2017

(Painting) The Don, Horses, and a Mouse

I continue to move random items off the panting.  If anything, they are more long-term desires than

While I'm still awaiting the arrival of the few figures I truly need for Pulp "Season Two," it's fitting that I finish up some of the "Season Three"  possibilities.
The Don from Brigade Games

I showed The Don to the kids after finishing him, and Maja's first response was "Donld Trump, Boo!  Can my character kill him?"

I then explained that it's never good to wish the President dead, even if he was going to be a fictional character, ESPECIALLY when they were at school.  Needless to say, the Don might be an elusive villain or misguided protagonist to avoid the Secret Service visiting my house.  Of course, his main opponent is at the top of the queue right now
Yet another mousling out of the dozens I have left.  Even if I focused entirely on the furry little fellas, I have 22 more coming via the Bones III Kickstarter... plus eight giants.

These four horses were part of a cheap box of figures and miscellaneous bits I picked up cheap at the Cold Wars flea market.   Part of Season Three might involve a bunch of Arabian stallions, so here's my first attempt at painting horses.  The reins, bridle and saddle all things I'm unfamiliar with, and boy are they all-encompassing.

Next: Blue Martians, Arab Revolt, and more German Gnomes of Der Fleider Affen.

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