Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Reaper's Response to the PETA Controversy

After last week's overwhelming PETA controversy with Warhammer 40K, Reaper Miniatures has decided to get ahead of the curve of future protests

With all the kerfluffle going on regarding fur on miniatures, we here at Reaper Miniatures would like to issue a brief statement regarding this deeply troubling issue.

We take this matter very seriously. We love our animal friends very much. This is why we have never, ever sculpted real fur onto any of our models. All fur depicted on any Reaper miniature is 100% synthetic "faux" fur. Any other type of fur depictions would just be irresponsible and unethical. 

In the same vein, none of the leather textures on our models should be construed as leather, rather they should be interpreted as Naugahyde, or simply pleather. Nor should any flesh be considered flesh, but Soylent Green.

Again, we appreciate your time and thank you for your support.

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