Friday, February 3, 2017

(Painting) Mice and Sacred Cows

Miscellaneous stuff keeps flying off the bench... some of it actually painted.

Two more mice people finished before the deluge from Reaper Bones 3 shows up in the Spring.

The one on the left is from the Mousling Tavern from Reaper, while the right is another random Mice Warrior from Eureka.

I whipped up a shaky bridge with popsicle and craft sticks.  It worked well in the season two premiere of the Pulp Game, and has inspired me to assemble a few driftwood rafts for later on.
I also got two more objective markers made up for the next pulp game.  The great jade relic of Hathor.  Yes, I'll have an objective that's a sacred cow.  The other is the revised Jamar D'hai (The Gem of Chance).  Both made their debut in the above mentioned season debut.
NEXT:  German Riflemen for Gnome Wars are finished.  Blue Martians, Arab Revolt figures,  Ganesha Miniatures halflings, and of course, more Mouslings.

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