Friday, February 24, 2017

(Painting) The Hill, Larry of Arabia, and a Prussian Bugler

A long weekend and even longer week chock full of hockey and errands meant a decline on finished projects at the painting table.  I added five new figures to the top of the queue for a Pulp game that may happen before the last piles of snow melt around here.  I hope to get those done before my Pulp Figures order arrives, pushing another 15 new figs to the front. 

But enough first world painter's problems, here's this week's work.

The Hill by Brigade Games, painted in her Tarantino phase, circa 1998 Washington DC.
"I am going to kill you, Bill..."
The Arab Revolt figures I picked up from Brigade at Fall-In! were meant for Pulp storyline that got pushed back to a later "season."  Their outfits also far more colorful than I anticipated, so I'll push them back as I acquire more research material (re: Ospreys).

I did have Lawrence of Arabia plotted out in neutral tones, so I figured I'd finish him up. 
"Let me help mess up the Middle East..."
No plans on using him in a historical Arab Revolt game, but I have his pulp alter ego, Harvey "The Desert Wolverine" Fesco all statted out. 
Finally, the mandatory gnome I've pledge to work on every week (if not more).  The next wave of Germans are into beards and detailing, but the German Bugler from Gnome Wars got completely finished.
Next Up: Some Cthulhu critters get first preference in the queue, and depending on the weather, more German Gnomes and a few Blue Martians that are *SO CLOSE* to being done. 

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