Sunday, February 19, 2017

250,000K! (Warhammer Not Included)

Sometime early Friday morning I hit a statistical milestone:  250,000 page views on this blog!  

Now sure, with the rash of blog bots, I've calculated at least 40k of those views came from robotic friends in Russian, the Ukraine, and one weird morning in August 2015 by the Italians, but it's still an accomplishment. 

I'm personally more amped up that my 2,000 post will occur sometime before Memorial Day.  Most of those are written better than a Russian spambot, and I hope they continue to improve. 

My tax return has finally hit, but after paying off the family cruise for May, I'm stuck in game order paralysis. Multiple orders from different companies and I'm still gun shy to pull the trigger!  There have been some awesome sales that I let slide, but I just don't the need to stockpile minis for games that aren't on my horizon until well into next year (and next year's tax return).

I think I'm resigned to a Pulp Figures order to further flesh out the Pulp game.  Fifteen of the minis ordered should have a prominent place in "Season 2" of the campaign. 

Brigade Games will see some of my return as well, so I don't waste time on my day trip to Cold Wars waiting for them to pull stuff, only to discover that they got cleaned out an hour before.   Miscellaneous stuff, some gnomes for samples on the Painting Guide to Gnome America, and some Frostgrave stuff for the girls.

If decide to break the bank for future orders, it will be to, for Sengalese Tiralleurs and Mexican Army Infantry?  Yep, I'm picturing them as a cheap replacement for low-grade Russians.   Outrageous service caps?  Check?  Large moustaches on some figures?  Check again!

That, some flea market finds at Cold Wars, and my pending Kickstarters (Reaper Bones III, OGRE Plastic Minis, and Ganesha's Psi-Paladins and Techno Barbarians) will ensure that I always stay above 500 figures in my lead pile... even if my kids paint stuff everyday for ten years after my death.

Coming Soon:  German Gnomes!, The Don's arch-nemesis!  Mice! Halfings!   Hopefully Episodes 2 & 3 of the Pulp: Lost World game (like you didn't know dinosaurs were coming...)  Heroclix... and the possible return... of Burning Plastic.

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