Sunday, February 12, 2017

Why Do You Read This Bloody Thing, Anyway?

A weird winter storm hit the Northeast this past week, and by the time I got driveways shoveled, children shuttled over to Grandma's and traversed some pretty treacherous road conditions, I discovered a skeleton crew at work (and a skeleton crew at IT with some serious system outages.)

While waiting for the update, I kept myself occupied pouring over old blog data. 

The blog is a labor of love and I enjoy peering in to the behind-the-scenes numbers.  I'm never going to get big numbers, but I enjoy watching a post catch fire, although I've had quite enough with the odd-bots pinging the page from Russia, the Ukraine, and some crazy Italians.
What have I learned after an afternoon playing with Excel, compiling Top 20 lists for each year? 
  • Go back to what got you here.  For a blog that was conceived to focus on Gnome Wars and Family Games, I'm good with family games, but have been slacking with Gnome Wars.  Specifically, I need some non-convention AARs.  Continuing to paint up the crate of Germans should help facilitate that.
  • A return to Ponyville is in order.  My Dungeons & Ponies games were popular when I ran them for my girls.  They've aged well over the years. 
  • People read reviews, so I better get them right.
  • People also check out Kickstarter links, so I should properly word any critique of them. 
  • MOUSLINGS.  MOUSLINGS. MOUSLINGS!!!!!!!  I've come across only two mousling posts that didn't get traffic after their first week.  The Mousling Fantasy/Savage Mice game and the 30+ I already have in the queue need to be moved up. 
For giggles, here's the all-time top ten posts for each year.  Sorry, no links.  (It wasn't that slow at work.)

1 (Kickstarter) Brigade Games 28mm Apoc Kickstarter
2 Mandatory Holiday Swag Post 2015 Misc
3 Lost Temple of Kajagoogoo Pulp
4 Fall-In  AAR Conventions
4 Rescue from Kisi Rushwa Pulp
6 Evolution Games Reviews
7 Teddy Bears in the Land of Gnomes Gnome Wars
7 The Cthulhu Wars Reviews
9 Treasure of the Maja Millie Pulp
10 A Simple Trade Pulp

1 Battle of Isandlwana - Family Style  Gnome Wars AAR
2 (Kickstarter) Halfling Adventurers Kickstarter
3 History of the Gnome 1 Gnome Wars
4 Cold Wars 2015 - Saturday Mouslings
5 Kickstarter Reaper Bones Coming in July Kickstarter
6 Searching for the Lost Shrine Pulp
7 The Board Kriget Rum
8 Mandatory Holiday Swag Post 2015 Misc
9 (Gnome Wars) Thirty Beers War Gnome Wars
10 Plunder From the Tomb Painting

1 Review:  Emerald Vale Games Review
2 A Minor Reaper Mousling Rant Mouslings
3 Bones II Mouslings Painted Mouslings
4 Cold Wars 2014 AAR Conventions
5 First Battle of Vaielle  Samoa
6 Fathers Day Battle at Hooks Farm Gnome Wars
7 Dungeons  & Ponies #1 Ponies
8 12 Days #4 Battle for North Pole Gnome Wars
9 Hinterland Miniatures Great Wars
10 Pocket OGRE OGRE

1 Zombie Cakes for Fun and Profit Zombies!
2 Cold Wars 2013: Friday Conventions
3 Pop's Culture Shoppe Review
4 Gnome Wars: Runaway Princess? Gnome Wars AAR
5 Masks of Nyarlathotep Now Avail Call of Cthulhu
6 500th Post Misc
7 Gamers Edge - Stroudsburg, PA Review
8 Battle at the Farm  Gnome Wars AAR
9 RIP: Nick Yutko Comics
10 Adventure Games - Dickson City Review

1 Contemptible Little Armies Review CLA
2 Hunting for Wizard of Oz Minis Wizard of Oz
3 Gnome Wars 2.0 Review Gnome Wars
4 Historicon 2012 - Thursday Gnome Conventions
5 Random Name Generator Misc
6 Feathers Fly at Rorke's Drift Gnome Wars AAR
7 Fall-in 2011:  The Battle of Yellowstone Gnome Wars AAR
8 PDF Sci Fi Tiles Legions of Steel
9 Michael Caine Kicks Ass in 28mm Colonials
10 Impact Miniature Gnomes Gnome Wars

1 Paper Tanks, Not Paper Tiger Great War
2 Settlers of Catan 15th Anniversary Edition Settlers of Catan
3 Eureka Minis Release Mice Warriors Mouslings
4 Run, Jeff Goldblum, the Dinos Have Nazis Product Ad
5 Eureka New Releases of Historicon Eureka
6 Masks of Nyarlathotep HC Review Call of Cthulhu
7 Cold Wars: Gnomes! Gnome Wars
8 Cold Wars AAR Conventions
9 How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack Review
10 Dice Baseball Dice Baseball

1 Historicon 2010:  Uncle Duke Conventions
2 Reapers New Mousling Line Mouslings
3 Beer and Pretzel Gaming at Steve's Burning Plastic
4 Brigade Games Panzer Drasine PreOrder Product Ad
5 Gnome War Releases Gnome Wars
6 CoC #1 - The Haunting  Call of Cthulhu
7 CoC #2 - Edge of Darkness Call of Cthulhu
8 Mepacon, Gnomes, and Mice Conventions
9 Game Prep Gnome Wars
10 CoC #3 - Spirits Over Kingston Call of Cthulhu

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