Friday, March 31, 2017

(Painting) Killer Apes and Watermelon Patches

Superduper slow post-con week for painting.  The Kriget Rum took water this week.  Not at all surprising, as we got 24 inches of snow with an above normal melt-off.  Slightly more surpising was the sump pump finally giving up the ghost.  Six inches of water has hampered any efforts this week, but with a mobile pump and a few fans, I antitcipate being back in action after the weekend.

While the kids still continue to paint their projects upstairs at the dining room table, I've been working on simpler stuff, so I knocked out some Killer Apes from Pulp Figures
Killer Apes by Pulp Figures
This was the first attempt at photographing using the quick and easy lightbox I found here.

I also finished up the Watermelon Patch that the kids wanted at the train show.
From Scenery Express
Still in the queue:  A dry basement, hopefully, then some German Gnomes, the kid's projects for our annual Easter game.


  1. I love the watermelon patch!

    (the Killer Apes are pretty cool too!)

    1. Thanks! I could go broke on just the scenery they want to buy at the train show, but this was the only item the squealed like a new superhero show coming on TV.

      It will be the focal point of our annual Easter game, with a few embellishments.