Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Salute to the Weekend

Yes, some of you may have read this before. Blogger decided to make it mysteriously vanish. thanks to the "obsolete" Google Reader I was able to recover it. Here it is again for posterity's sake.

This weekend was my birthday, and despite the lingo the kids uses theses days, it was not off the hook. It was a nice relaxing weekend, however.

My kids were insistent on getting me a "monster" cake and my wife decided to use a bakery and may not be in the middle of nowhere, but it was close. We loaded up the family unit and took a nice leisurely drive, resulting in a birthday cake, two sleeping children, and the weekly trip to the grocery store completed.


After a delicious dinner with components of chicken, potatoes, hot sauce, and bacon, the monster cake was unveiled and I got an accompanying monster card to go with it.

My wife, ever doubtful of her ability to get me anything sort of gift, scored on two fronts. First was a rhubarb pie... no strawberry. The overpowering tartness will keep me going all week long. She also got me a gift card to Michael's which will allow me to restock my paints and brushes to prepare for the paintapalooza which will occur shortly.

Sunday was a "single dad" game, and after a marginal breakfast at our local stop, I simply let the kids run wild in the front yard as I perused miniatures on the iPad, and finally got through episode 5 of Masks on Cthulhu on Parade. Can't wait to get time for episode 6. but somebody should have died a horrible death in that episode.

In the evening I finally began to reorganize my minis closet at the end of the hall and had a little helper in her Cold Wars night shirt. I now know just how many figures (and chickens) can fit on one of my ships.
The Hallway Rebellion isn't covered in history texts... yet.
This weekend was also Salute, the big grand-daddy of conventions in the UK. British cons are divided into two categories: Smaller club shows with a dealer or two and lots of games, or the larger cons like Salute with a bloody long queue to get in, piles of manufacturers and other dealers, and a relative smattering of demonstration games, as well as even fewer "diorama" tables that I would be frightened to touch, much less play on.
There are plenty of people who went to Salute and posted plenty of cool pics and beautiful set-ups. Only two pics thus far have elicited a serious level of excitement, both coming from www.shedwars.blogspot.com .

Holy crap, a pulp style game played entirely on rooftops. The cotton is supposed to represent clouds/fog/the dangers of using too much detergent in your washing machine.

A Hammer's Slammers game in 6mm (1/285th - Battletech scale for the yeo-gamers). That's a board I want to play on every weekend!

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