Friday, April 5, 2013

Great War Centennial

Recently historical wargaming has had it's rash of theme celebrations.  This decade has brought us the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War and the 200th Anniversaries of the Napoleonic, and by extension, the War of 1812.    The HMGS cons I regularly attend have shed their normally specific (The Boxer Rebellion) or vague (Modern Warfare) con themes in favor of focusing on these war anniversaries.  I assume it's in hope of bringing in more convention goers.  It's certainly not to educated or expand the wargaming experience, as there are plenty of Napoleonic and ACW games at the con.  Truth be told it has been nice to see an increase in War of 1812 games.   Five years ago, I don't remember seeing any figs for it, and I still can't tell you what ruleset to use, outside of ATKM for 54mm.

Come next August, the Great War or First World War, will have it's 100th anniversary.   Knowing that the Nappy/ACW lobby is still celebrating out of its own self-importance, I'm just wondering if anyone is doing anything on their own.  HMGS hasn't released themes yet for 2014 outside of the awesome "Forgotten Wars" theme for Cold Wars.

*Disclaimer*  To protect me from my wife's wrath, let me already say, with the Second Samoan Civil War, the Gnomish Space Marines, my Cthulhu group, and gaming with the kids, my plate and budget is FULL.   I do have the Rommel at Verdun  Campaign book, which I could do with gnomes, but things like "human" Tanga in 28mm might be a pipe dream.

There IS 15mm or smaller, though *slap slap* No Eric! Bad Eric!

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