Saturday, November 1, 2014

(IOU) Snake Gandhi

For an on-again, off-again campaign, my Risus game has had some memorable bad guys.  Nazi Coffee Zombies,  German Designer Nihilists, and Emmanuel Lewis have all been thwarted by the PCs.  But none are as awesome or as feared as Snake Gandhi.

Snake Gandhi was originally mentioned in an thread about horrible character PCs and turned into a meme that stretches across the underbelly of the internet.    Take the basic concept of Gandhi II from UHF and merge that with Snake Plisken and the mythology of Chuck Norris.  Take away aything in that that could be confused with something good for even a millisecond and you have the base for Snake Gandhi. 

Ever since our first session involved Funnelcake-driven Mecha and Snake Gandhi and College Yoda fighting atop a Ferris Wheel during a carnvial, he has been a recurring villain in the game, so much so that multiple character have  Enemy: Snake Gandhi "x" on 2d6 on their character info.     I try not to write S.G. into any of the sessions, except if the Enemy roll is made and he shows up in a Blaxploitation themed game... on a plane.

Snake Gandhi
Bad-Ass Motherf*cker (6)
Assassin for Hire (5)
Black Market Arms Dealer (4)
Hindu Biker (3)

Appearance: Dressed in leather pants, black leather boots, and black leather motorcyle vest. Shirtless.  Small mirror shade sunglasses.   Large tattoo of a snake starting from the back of his bald head and moving forward, until the tip of its head ends on the bridge of his nose.

Equipment:  2x Double Barrel Desert Eagles,  Invisible Katana w/ Laser sight.

It's not a picture of my Snake Gandhi on Earth-IOU, but it's nice to see some love to the man, even if he's a cruel, heartless bastard.

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