Thursday, November 27, 2014

(Repost) March of the Wooden Soldiers

First off, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Even you Canadians that celebrate early can join in the festivities today.

As my workload increased and the days became shorter, I expected my kids to go ga-ga over Christmas stuff, and quite frankly, they're doing it in surprising moderation. 

But more than once we've been sitting around the kitchen table and when the subject of holidays come up, my eldest, Maja would say....

"Thanksgiving is the holiday the Pilgrims made.  We eat turkey, watch parades, and we all watch Daddy's special movie with the wooden soldiers."

Reaffirmation that I'm doing something right as a father.

While it was only two years ago that I assembled this, as you sit bloated in your easy chair, watching another blow-out, you can read up on assembling your own game based on March of the Wooden Soldiers.

Post Gorging Edit:  After watching a super excited Maja watch the movie this year, I realized that I neglected the Toyland Police Force, which I believe resemble Napoleonic soldiers with some garish movie flair.  I also realized that I need to start buying Toytown Soldiers from Eureka.   Finally, Zombie Dice is truly the great ice breaker. Now onto SATLOF on Saturday!

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