Sunday, November 30, 2014


Even with my "big announcement" regarding RPGaDay, the family's annual pilgrimage to SATLOF trumps everything.

SATLOF is the Saturday After Thanksgiving Leftover Feast, hosted by our friend Balls.  There must be at least 15 previous events, as it was well established institution before my wife came around, and this year marked her 10th straight SATLOF.

Really, any excuse to eat more food, drink some booze, and play some games is fine by me, but then we had to go and do something silly:  We all had kids.

We arrived around 6pm to a scene of tons of tiny feet scrambling about on the kitchen floor, playing with numerous toys.   Between kids and a few invitees cancellations, SATLOF was to be  an intimate affair.  A few of us finally figured out how to finagle the child gate on the top of the cellar steps and we descended into the booze/gaming area.

...oh yeah, Maja tagged along for the ride and cajoled everyone to play Zombie Dice.  Of course, she won.

Then we pushed her boundaries of game play with Dungeon Roll.  She picked up about 75% of the rules, and required only a few nudges to playing a competitive game.  I pulled out an 11th hour victory, going through 10 levels of the dungeon and 3 dragon attacks to eek out a victory over Balls.

Finally, Maja went over to Steve's bag o' games and pulled out Euphoria.  This was definitely over Maja's age bracket, but truth be told, it was over mine at times.  Very convoluted at times, but three of us could have won the end game at anytime with the right rolls.

For a traditional SATLOF it was way laid back.  I only snagged a single plate of food and actually scored some desert.  There was no legendary trashcan punch, only a few nice Ciders  and IPAs.  And my daughter was not only humored into the games, but accepted with open arms.  The best part was she behaved far better than even my high standards could actually imagine.   I doubt we're having Steve break out Euphoria again, but knowing my daughter, she'll want to play the game the gives you bliss.

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